Lynda Marín, Secretary

Lynda has simultaneously been active in domestic violence intervention, nuclear weapons abolition, wildlife and habitat preservation, natural resources protection, peace and justice movements, and climate change activism for the past 50 years.  During the 1990s Lynda served on a school board where she worked with Betsy Fairbanks before helping her to establish the Fund for Nonviolence in 1997. She has served on FNV’s board ever since. In 2003 Lynda helped form the Santa Cruz Weapons Inspection Team that for five years educated Santa Cruz and its surrounding communities about the costs, dangers, and ethics of local nuclear weapons designing, testing, and manufacturing.  She is also an election protection advocate and volunteers with the Santa Cruz County Elections Office as a precinct inspector. Her work with Citizens Climate Lobby takes her yearly to Washington D.C. and into district legislators’ offices advocating for a carbon fee and revenue neutral dividend. Lynda has a Master’s Degree in English Literature from the University of California, Los Angeles. For 30 years she taught English, writing and literature from the middle school to the university level, twenty of those years in Monterey and Santa Cruz Counties.  Since 2003 she has, for the sheer joy of it, been a founding member of a local marimba band playing music of the Shona people of Zimbabwe.  She and her partner have a son and daughter.

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