Fund for Nonviolence


Lifting Voices of Resistance

Mission and Goals

Mission Statement:
We support efforts to redirect our national focus and resources away from the politics of war and towards the development of institutions and economies that promote healthy communities, justice, and peace.

Program goals:
1. End U.S. military interventions in Iraq, Afghanistan and other nations.
2. Protect and defend the rule of law in national security and foreign policy.
3. Reduce the size and mission of the U.S. military and redirect resources to promote healthy communities, justice, and peace.

We will fund groups using strategies that:

  • Foster the development of effective coalitions of diverse organizations working to achieve the above goals
  • Advocate for the U.S. reinstatement of its commitment to adhere to international agreements and human rights norms on torture
  • Engage the public to challenge the legitimacy of US military policies, to decry the suspension of civil and human rights, to demand adherence to international treaty obligations, and to reject preemptive strikes in any country
  • Strengthen and support the anti-militarism leadership and activism of the most affected constituencies including veterans, members of the military and their families, communities of color and lower-income communities targeted for military recruitment, people displaced and injured by wars, and all victims of torture associated with war