Justice with Dignity

Program Vision

We seek a justice system that treats every human being with dignity.

Program Mission

The Justice with Dignity Program supports work to reduce U.S. society’s dependence on incarceration and expose and challenge human rights abuses of incarcerated and formerly incarcerated people.

Program goals:

Reducing the number of people incarcerated

Eliminating the death penalty

Promoting safe and healthy communities by engaging those harmed by crime and/or most affected by the criminal justice system

To reach our program goals we currently target our grantmaking within this program on four specific areas:

  1. Work to abolish the death penalty nationally in close alignment and engagement with The 8th Amendment Project.
  2. Statewide comprehensive criminal justice reform campaigns through support of relatively high-capacity organizations that effectively promote significant criminal justice policy changes resulting in large reductions in the number of people incarcerated in California.
  3. Work that engages victims/survivors of crime in promoting a new justice system: one that promotes safety, accountability, justice, healing, and fairness and meets the needs of the communities most impacted by crime and violence. More information on this vision can be found in the report on a series of convenings FNV initiated (2012-2014): Bridging the Divide: A new paradigm for addressing safety, crime, and victimization.
  4. California-focused work that supports organizing by and leadership building of formerly incarcerated people and their communities in order to advance their leadership and influence in strategic policy change work that:
    • Strengthens and advances broader criminal justice reform campaigns and efforts
    • Builds broad public support for the criminal justice reforms promoted in, or aligned with, those campaigns.

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