Fund for Nonviolence

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Mission Statement
The Fund for Nonviolence cultivates and supports efforts to bring about social change that moves humanity towards a more just and compassionate coexistence.

Universal justice and peace are essential conditions for realizing individual and collective human potential. Violence is a dehumanizing obstacle to human potential. We recognize that violence can be direct or indirect, overt or built into social structures. Moreover, all forms of violence are interdependent and are best addressed in relation to one another.

We believe in the transformative power of nonviolence as a means of inspiring progressive social change.
By nonviolence, we mean a process of change that reflects today the new relations/new society that we seek to create in the future. This future is one of justice and peace, inseparable and for everyone. For us, the practice of nonviolence recognizes the interconnectedness of all beings, acknowledges the humanity of any opponent, and honors the spiritual dimension of human experience.

Grantmaking Priorities
We focus on social justice for marginalized communities and, in particular, on elevating the voices and leadership of people from those communities.

Because we believe that how we do our work fundamentally influences the results, we seek and encourage proposals that not only meet the criteria of our funding programs but also come from organizations that:

  • pursue structural changes to root causes of race, class, and gender injustice
  • value the active involvement of members of the communities most impacted by the violence and social injustice being addressed
  • understand and articulate the impact of their work on women and promote the leadership of women within the organization
  • work through networks, coalitions and alliances
  • reflect the spirit of nonviolence in their organizational relations, structure, and process
  • demonstrate the capacity to reflect on their experience and adapt to lessons and insights

Institutional Goals
• Operate with the high standards and excellent practices of a foundation striving to be a leader in progressive philanthropy.
• Be strategic in our grantmaking, setting thoughtful goals for each grantmaking program.
• Have a user-friendly grantmaking process that offers respectful, open communication with grantees and grantseekers.
• Support reflection and self-assessment in the ongoing operation of the foundation and in grantee organizations.